Don’t believe what you see! Painters are tricksters. They create an illusion and the more illusory the image becomes, the more it is deemed to be reality. The pictures you see before you are n o t paintings. They are composed of three coloured dots pretending to be something they are not: Digital image processing thus adds another layer to the ostensibly illusory nature of painting, transforming paintings into virtual pictures .

As I view art as a process of transformation involving the conversion of energy, I do not depict the essence of an artwork, nor are you able to grasp it . The act of painting requires a painter to “breathe” spirit into the matter – as endeavoured by the alchemists many centuries ago. Art has achieved its goal when matter is arranged in a manner with such clarity of spirit that the beholder can, in turn, construe the spirit from the matter.

Ground stones, earth, oil derivatives or synthetic materials are applied in layers or in a single coating. The process of layering fine-tunes the colours. In painting, the priming coat and the choice of adhesive agents take on a similar role to the harmonics that determine the timbre of a sound in music.

Pictures are like batteries: the artist charges them with energy and the beholder uses his or her own particular energy system to transform this energy. The act of beholding a picture entails a process similar to that involved in creating the picture.

The picture on the screen consists of a grid of red, green and blue pixels. Once you have seen, or better still, viewed one of my pictures in the original, it will leave a trace in your memory similar to an aroma or a taste, which may develop into an image.

My pictures are not rooted in specific ideas and thus words cannot define them and photographic reproductions are but a poor imitation. If you haven’t had a chance to see one of my pictures “in the flesh”, as it were, I must apologize for their on-screen depiction here, which does not convey their finer points or capture their essence. While your eyes and your powers of perception are able to sense over ten thousand shades, on this screen you will have to make do with just three dots of colour.

I hope that there lies a glimmer of truth in this conscious declaration of deception.