Social Network

The social network consists of two strands: private and public. On the one hand, it comprises hosts in private homes in various towns and cities; on the other, sponsors of guestrooms in public.

As a host you will live with the work of art and give it a special place in your home and perhaps in your life. You will engage with the picture; it will become a vehicle for spiritual meditation and contemplation.

A range of other public spaces are also ideal locations for guestrooms if you don’t have enough space in your own home but the idea appeals to you. You may have a relative in a care home, for example, where there is little in the way of artwork. Or you could become a temporary sponsor of a guestroom in a kindergarten, school, community hall, church or hospital.

Your dedication to and affinity with the picture is a fundamental element of the Guestroom Project. Perhaps over time you will decide you would like to host other pictures in other guestrooms. And meet other hosts. We have created our Internet platform to help build this network.

When you become a host we will ask if you would be prepared to let other hosts view your picture by appointment. This will result in a social network where hosts can meet and share experiences – assuming you want to be part of this process. We will take on the role of intermediary and create this “community space”.

The project will not have achieved its goal until you have given a picture a home or donated it to a public space. The picture will not be complete until the process of contemplation has begun.